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inclineHR® specializes in Executive Coaching, to get you climbing higher, and Leadership Assessment, to reveal your pathway to the top.


We provide executive-level thought partnership, insights and counsel to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our proprietary assessment instruments provide clients with substantial insights and feedback.
We create effective leadership training and people development plans for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

inclineHR® Guides You

Command your real marketplace value

Your next step to

The inclineHR Talent Accelerator Quotient (TAQ®) shows you how you index in 6 critical leadership indicators to determine where you are at in your career journey.

The TAQ® is a no obligation quantitative analysis to help determine your steps forward. It only takes about 7 minutes to complete, is completely confidential, and is our gift to you.

Accelerate Your

A professional executive career confidant will guide you, discuss options, and vet opportunities with you. You’ll no longer be navigating your career alone

You want more. Let’s get it…because you’re not done yet, by any definition.

Results over the last year:


of our clients are female or diverse


of our clients have been promoted


have referred us to at least 1 other client in the last year


are recurring inclineHR clients

Building Exceptional
Leaders Worldwide

In conjunction with our Expert Affiliate Network, we provide world class coaching, proprietary inclineHR Leadership Assessments, and customized leadership training venues. Combined we have hundreds of years of Fortune 500 expertise in all facets of strategic human resources.

Bottom line: We can handle your needs, big or small.

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