Improve Outcomes Through Meeting Facilitation

Meetings are a necessary evil in any business. Unfortunately, they don’t always generate the desired results that employers envisioned when they called the meeting.

Using effective meeting facilitation to adequately present and review complex topics – especially those that may be politically charged or confounded – could be a differentiator to your organization’s growth and success.

A good meeting facilitator ensures that participants stay on topic and that everyone has a chance to speak and be heard. Great meetings also end with an action plan defining owners, crystal clear next steps, and timelines for follow-up. Facilitators may also assist with problem-solving and lend support if conflict arises. Meetings that run better will consistently yield better outcomes.

Benefits of Meeting Facilitation
  • Improve the Productivity of Your Meetings: Most professionals would agree that a large percentage of their meetings are a complete waste of time. These meetings are usually unsuccessful and unproductive because they don’t have the right participants attending, they lack focused meeting objectives, and lastly, there is poor accountability and pull through of agreed upon actions. An effective meeting facilitator can help keep your critical, high impact meetings focused on your objective. Not only does this produce better results, but it also leads to less time spent in meetings and more time running your business.
  • Improve Collaboration: Oftentimes, more dominant personalities can overtake meetings, which impedes others from sharing their ideas. A meeting facilitator will ensure that everyone has a reasonable chance to contribute and be able to pressure test different inventive ideas. This leads to better collaboration and stronger business results.
  • Gain Better Outcomes: By keeping team dialogue focused on only critical areas, you will enable them to go exceptionally deep to pressure test the many possible permutations of a given opportunity. This next-level thinking will help your company generate consistently higher-quality ideas to help you outpace the competition.
  • Implement Plans and Strategies Faster: Business plans and strategies only work if your entire team is aligned. A meeting facilitator helps to ensure everyone understands the options available and aligns their thinking on the best course of action. Positive team alignment ensures that decisions and change management efforts are optimized for faster acceleration.

While productive meetings require clearly stated objectives and the right stakeholders present to weigh in on decisions, many overlook the value of hiring an experienced meeting facilitator.  Good meeting facilitators work doggedly to ensure linkage and alignment so that meetings are more focused and effective in achieving your desired outcomes.

inclineHR Meeting Facilitation Services

Our team of experienced meeting facilitators are passionate about producing the best results for your business. We’re interested in working with organizations that desire to re-imagine how to lead and manage their most critical meetings. Our meeting facilitation techniques ensure discussions stay on topic and that critical participants have opportunities to contribute to the conversation in meaningful ways.

inclineHR’s meeting facilitators can help your team with:

  1. Goal Setting and Alignment: We’ll help facilitate your critical goal setting conversations to lead your team down the right path. Assisting your team with appropriate metrics creation will also help to ensure alignment, accountability, and sustainable pull through.
  2. Performance and Talent Calibration Meetings: Knowing where to best invest time and money to increase organizational output is an extremely complicated endeavor. We’ll help assemble critical information ahead of time, ask the right clarifying questions, and pressure test your group’s thinking, all to ensure an appropriately balanced and fair calibration session.
  3. Conflict Management and Mediation: When two or more parties are involved in a conflict that is jeopardizing your business, our meeting facilitators can step in to help think through and problem solve the situation with our “relationship first” approach. We ensure that all sides are heard and that any compromises reached actually meet the needs of all parties involved.
  4. Executive Retreats: If you’re planning a kick-off, plan-of-action, year-end wrap-up, or leadership development retreat, our meeting facilitators can help ensure your event stays on track and remains aligned to your goals for the session.
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