Build Winning Teams with Human Resources Development

Building a world-class team involves identifying, hiring, and promoting the best talent. While recruiting outside talent is important, sometimes the best way to improve your workforce is to look within and develop existing talent through training and development programs that maintain, evolve, and nurture your human capital.

This critical investment in your staff yields significant dividends when your organization’s most important asset – your people – are better prepared to handle the complex leadership and business challenges in front of them.

What is Human Resource Development (HRD)?

HRD encompasses a wide range of employee improvement opportunities. It includes career coaching, mentoring, performance management, succession planning, and leadership development training.

In its simplest form, HRD involves managers and senior staff mentoring junior team members. However, leading organizations often take a more proactive approach by hiring consultants or professional career coaches to provide guidance to rising star employees.

Why HRD is Important

Good HRD is extremely beneficial to organizations of all sizes. When you implement sound HRD principles, you see marked improvements.

  • Attract Better Talent: When skilled individuals are considering employers, they look for companies that provide opportunities for advancement. As a result, a good HRD program will help you recruit higher quality team members.
  • More Knowledgeable Employees: By developing your existing staff, you’ll expand their knowledge base and skills, allowing them to take on new tasks within the company. This allows you to grow your business more quickly.
  • Ability to Promote from Within: HRD doesn’t just provide employees with the resources to perform their current job better, it also prepares them for advancement. This allows you to have a talent pipeline that you can consistently draw from.
  • Better Employee Retention: Onboarding new employees takes upwards of six months, which represents a significant cost and time investment. By providing opportunities for advancement, you’ll retain more staff and reduce employee training costs.
  • Increased Morale: Offering your employees opportunities for advancement shows them you care about your team and want them to succeed. This helps improve morale and provides motivation for employees to work harder.
HRD Services Offered by inclineHR
  1. Executive Coaching and Leadership Assessment: Our career coaches will work directly with your team members and give personal assessments and feedback. We provide proprietary leadership assessments that focus on helping our clients better understand themselves and their individual paths to success.
  2. Training and Development Programs: Our experts are equipped to develop customized training programs for your organization. We specialize in a wide variety of topics: emerging leader training, communicating for success, political agility, conflict management, performance management, time management, trust and team dynamics, feedback delivery, and more.
  3. Culture Change and Performance Management: Is your team not delivering the type of results or behaviors that you’re looking for? Our organizational experts will develop strategies to help you enhance the culture of your organization and improve overall performance – by addressing the “what” and the “how” simultaneously.
Invest in Your Human Resources

If you’re serious about building and maintaining a high-performance team that will achieve or exceed your goals, please contact us. One of our development professionals will be in touch with you shortly.