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The inclineHR Team Cohesion Assessment (iTCA) is our tried-and-true qualitative assessment process. We begin by hosting respondent interviews with your first team members to drive an organic discussion around critical facets of team functioning. We offer this service a la carte or adjacently with one of our premier training offerings.

The 1-on-1 interviews are kept confidential to protect team members and encourage honest feedback. These sessions are used to have candid conversations about the backgrounds and strengths of the individual team members, as well as to validate emerging themes about the team’s cohesion and effectiveness.

The responses are used to compose an overall narrative of the team’s strengths, developmental areas, and any additional factors that may be preventing the team from functioning effectively. In addition, we solicit feedback about your leadership skills to understand how they are contributing to the team’s cohesiveness. According to research, high-performing teams share their unique knowledge to overcome challenges; we provide you with a team profile overview so that you can capitalize on each team members’ strengths.

With inclineHR’s Team Cohesion Assessment (iTCA), you receive anonymized and cross-validated feedback from the team members that know you best. This input will help you optimize your team, capitalize on your strengths, and increase your understanding of your team’s functioning.

Why You Should Consider the inclineHR Team Cohesion Assessment (iTCA)

Many business leaders are turning to team cohesion assessments as one mechanism to attain pointed insights from their critical players. Respondents are approached in a thorough and confidential way, thereby increasing the validity of pull through insights. This approach ensures the psychological safety of participants while engendering overall team commitment.

The inclineHR Team Cohesion Assessment (iTCA) was built to accurately size up how your team is functioning. Without an accurate baseline, it is oftentimes hard to determine what levers of people development – including coaching and team training – may be necessary and best suited to accelerate team and individual progress.

For any team to fully realize their full potential, it is critical to first establish and understand the rubric to grade actual team effectiveness. Once defined with our client, we will go to work to determine how members of the team are using their unique strengths and insights for the greater good, as well as how they communicate with each other to provide and solicit feedback. This feedback helps focus team members on how their personal contributions affect the achievement of collective goals. Our assessment will also outline any potential watchouts or derailers to team and organizational success.

The inclineHR Team Cohesion Assessment (iTCA) will help you:

  • Uncover Team Skill Gaps: Most team members do not intentionally reflect on what the team could be doing better. When asked in-depth and focused questions about the team’s functioning, your team is able to identify where they could use improvement so that you can optimize these critical developmental areas.
  • Capitalize on Team Strengths: This assessment uncovers more than your developmental areas. By asking what each of your team members does well and what they are passionate about, we are able to build a profile so that you can capitalize on each other’s strengths.
  • Collect Feedback from Each Team Member: It’s difficult to share independent thoughts when you’re always working as a team. By collecting responses in 1-on-1 sessions with each team member, you’ll receive cross-validated qualitative feedback that identifies key themes while allowing everyone to have a voice.
  • Improve Your Leadership Skills and Team Performance: Participating in qualitative feedback will allow you to identify how you can best lead your team to fill their skills gaps, improve their communication, and effectively function to improve team performance.
What You Can Expect From the inclineHR Team Cohesion Assessment (iTCA)
  1. Intentional Feedback from Your First Team: We will conduct 1-on-1 sessions with each of your first team members to ensure you are receiving intentional feedback about the team’s cohesiveness and overall functioning.
  2. A Comprehensive Qualitative Analysis: You will learn how your team perceives their overall effectiveness, as well as their individual strengths so that you can improve skill gaps and lead more efficiently.
  3. Your Team Narrative: Once all feedback is gathered, we’ll assemble your team’s narrative, summarizing key strengths and highlighting pervasive themes of feedback received. We’ll delineate our recommendations on behaviors to continue, start, and stop doing so that you can start addressing the team’s developmental areas immediately. In addition, we’ll leverage decades of experience and evidence-based insights to identify behaviors to watch to avoid team setbacks.
  4. Your Team Profile: Based upon the strengths and setbacks that your team members shared, we’ll provide a team narrative overview so that you can capitalize on what sets this team apart. This profile also reveals any common setbacks so that you can specifically focus on improving these gaps.
  5. Absolute Confidentiality: Your team’s feedback will be kept strictly confidential and only shared with you. We don’t disclose feedback with employers, or anyone else, under any circumstances.
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