inclineHR Net Promoter Score (iNPS)

If you want to evolve your leadership brand, it starts with raising your own self-awareness and improving your ability to influence others in the workplace.

However, the greater your ability to influence people or strategic direction, the greater your exposure to criticism from rivals at all levels in the organization.

Like it or not, your perceived value to the company is sometimes an accumulation of your measurable productivity.  Your brand can be either enhanced or diminished by co-workers with outspoken opinions.  What do you want people to be saying about you?

If you could hear what your stakeholders are saying about you at a closed-door meeting, who do you think would be your promoters or detractors?  How many of your stakeholders are sitting “on the fence” and could be moved to a more favorable position for you?

What are you doing to manage your most influential relationships?

For executives who want to optimize their individual employment brand, we offer the inclineHR Net Promoter Score (iNPS).

Our elite team of professionals work with you to develop a reputation management plan that reinforces the best qualities of your character, amplifies your promoters, moves neutral parties more firmly into your camp, and neutralizes your detractors.

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