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Jan 18, 2023 | Executive Coaching, Mental Health, Spiritual Health

Someday Is Closer Than You Think

What’s on your bucket list?

Over the last two weeks of the year, we took an executive retreat to Italy and Sicily.   Sure we reflected on 2022, what we want to build into the 2023 strategy, including several new offerings to meet our clients’ needs, and a whole lot of footage for marketing purposes.  It too, was an emotional and cathartic journey back to where my mother-in-law Angela was born.   She passed away in 2022. So, this trip was as much a pilgrimage and memorial as it was an executive retreat. Believe me, we would have rather taken the journey with her, but we carried her memory with us every step of the way.

Seeing sites, she used to tell us about was just so incredible. Sicily is such a special place.  We got to visit the church where Angela was baptized, the church where her parents were married, and of course the vineyards, the famous Palermo catacombs, as well as smoldering Mount Etna, and (because, Sicily) we even visited the house of the original Godfather.

Check one off the bucket list for me. How about you?

I really respect the guidance of former CEO of Coca-Cola Nigeria, Jim Lafferty. In one of his popular keynote speeches about work/life effectiveness that I personally attended at GE Crotonville back in 2005, Lafferty gives 15 coping strategies. Tip number four is Take Real Vacations. Unplug completely from the office.  No laptop.  No emails, texts, or phone calls. You need time to recharge your batteries so that you can be more effective when you return to work.  

Bucket list items require two commodities that never seem to be in adequate supply: time and money.  Usually, we sacrifice or delay another purchase in order to find the money. There’s never enough time, but isn’t that the definition of a bucket list?  Things to do before we ultimately have no more time on earth?

There was this guy who made $800K annually. In his coaching sessions, his goal was to get to $900K. All his physical and financial needs were covered.  He just felt a “need” to have an extra $100K to save and invest for retirement.  Two weeks after retirement came, he started showing symptoms of Cancer.  Three months after retiring, he was dead.

All those years of delayed gratification! He and his widow never got to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Along the way, they never took vacations, never spent time really living a life.

“Ah, but he died with a big enough bank account to pass on generational wealth,” you may say. 

Bank accounts can be emptied and replenished. No one can replace the cherished memories of our beloved Angela or the experiences we had visiting her homeplace in the old country.

“OK, so my resolution is to take a vacation this year.”

This is not just a New Year’s Resolution.  I’m talking about real and lasting life changes.  Prioritize personal and professional growth, now and for the rest of your life.

If you know you’ve been overlooked for promotions – if you know you’re a high performer, but you’re not being recognized in your current organization – your last bonus wasn’t as big as it probably should have been, maybe it’s time to plan a career move.   Maybe they are trying to promote you into a job that you don’t want or one that you feel isn’t in your best personal interests.  This time, you can build a career around your life, instead of trying to squeeze life in around your career. What if your next chapter in life provided balance and time to create a lasting legacy for your loved ones.

At inclineHR, our coaches love identifying our clients’ strongest qualities – polishing up a few areas that need refinement – and building careers rooted in their core competencies to match their values and meet their goals.

The mantra of a dreamer is “someday I’m going to…”  You may be dreaming of traveling, relocating, giving back to your community, or myriad of other worthy ventures that give you a true sense of success. That “someday” may be closer than you think.  What if we treat it as if it were, not as a fatalist, but someone that is attuned to pushing for more, now.  None of us are getting out of here alive.  

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing now.

If your current professional circumstances are hindering you from living the life of your dreams today, talk with a career counselor about changing your circumstances for the better. 


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