Leverage 360 Feedback to Transform Your Career

The inclineHR 360 Feedback Assessment (i360FA) is our tried and true qualitative assessment process.  We host a number of respondent interviews with your superiors, direct reports, peers, and key stakeholders to drive an organic discussion around seven key critical facets of leadership.  We offer this service a la carte or adjacently with one of our premier coaching packages.

Interviews are kept confidential to encourage candor. These focused respondent interactions go well beyond a simple question and answer session to pressure-test assumptions and validate any new emerging themes.

The responses are used to compose an overall narrative of how you come across, where your gaps are, and anything else that may be preventing you from achieving your goals.

With i360FA, you receive anonymized and cross-validated feedback from the people who know you best. This input will help you optimize your team, grow your relationships, and increase your level of self-understanding.

Why You Should Consider the i360FA

How would you place a value on oxygen if it were your last breath? Balanced feedback truly is the lifeblood of your personal and professional growth.

To reach your full potential in your professional and personal life, you’ll first need to understand how others perceive your actions and behaviors. Many business leaders are turning to qualitative 360 feedback assessments to obtain these invaluable insights from their respondents in a thorough and confidential way.

We will work with you one-on-one to help guide you through your own journey of self-improvement, both personally and professionally.   The inclineHR 360 Feedback Assessment process helps remove the awkwardness that typically comes with asking co-workers for feedback and will also help you improve the overall depth and quality of feedback.

The inclineHR 360 Feedback Assessment is extremely comprehensive in order to offer you a complete and honest overview of how you are being perceived within your organization. Our goals are your goals, and we’ll work with you to help you achieve the results you are looking for. We will push you to ensure that you are realizing maximum value from our interactions together.

A 360 review will help you:

  • Uncover Any Leadership Deficiencies or Negative Perceptions: Most leaders have sub-optimal habits that they aren’t even aware of that could be impeding them from advancing in their careers. Learn where you’re falling short in the eyes of your superiors and colleagues, so that you can work on improving in those critical areas.
  • Learn What Sets You Apart: 360 feedback isn’t just for discovering your weaknesses. You’ll also learn about what strengths set you apart, so that you can continue doing what has made you successful thus far.
  • Collect Feedback from Multiple Sources: It’s common for one person’s opinion to be an outlier. By collecting responses from numerous stakeholders, you’ll receive cross-validated qualitative feedback that’s far more accurate. Our approach will enable you to separate fact from fiction and really focus on key areas.
  • Improve Your Performance: Participating in 360 feedback will allow you to create a personal development plan that will incorporate more introspection, better self-awareness, and higher emotional intelligence, putting you on a path towards self-optimization.
What You Can Expect From the i360FA
  1. Balanced, Cross-Validated Evaluation: We’ll start by asking you to select 6-10 of your most critical stakeholders. Then, we will pressure test the respondent list with you to ensure it’s balanced and will provide a well-rounded mix of perspectives.
  2. A Comprehensive Behavioral Analysis: You will learn how you’re showing up in seven critical leadership areas that will help determine and accelerate your future success.
  3. Your Executive Narrative: Once all feedback is gathered, we’ll assemble your story, summarizing your personal brand and highlighting pervasive themes of feedback received. We’ll delineate our recommendations on behaviors to continue, start, and stop doing. In addition, we’ll leverage decades of experience to highlight what you need to watch out for.
  4. Individual Development Plan: Based on our discussion and findings, we’ll partner with you to develop a personal contract. This is a contract with yourself and will include up to three goals you wish to pursue moving forward, how you envision your life and career looking after achieving these goals, and what type of personal brand you wish to establish longer-term.
  5. Absolute Confidentiality: Your feedback will be kept confidential and only shared with you. We don’t disclose feedback with employers, or anyone else, under any circumstances.
Ready to Take the Next Step?

Are you ready to finally get the balanced feedback you have wanted and needed to hear? Our team would be happy to speak to you. Please contact us and one of our HR professionals will be in touch with you shortly.