How Culture Management Can Lead to Better Results

A strong organizational culture is the glue that binds a company together. Maintaining a healthy corporate culture can be the “secret sauce” to help your brand stay ahead of your competitors, retain your existing staff, and attract external world class talent.

Your company culture is a summation of what your organization stands for. While it may be imitated, it can never be fully replicated.

Building a strong company culture takes time, commitment, assessment, investment, and reflection. Many businesses utilize culture management experts to help them stand apart.

What is Culture Management?

Culture management is a strategic and iterative way to link an organization’s beliefs, purpose, and core values to all people-related systems. It rests on the pillars of recruitment and selection, diversity and inclusion, performance management, talent development, and rewards & recognition.

Ongoing culture management is vital to an organization’s growth and long-term success. As we have heard many times, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

What are the Benefits of Culture Management?

With the help of culture management experts, you’ll be on the path to:

  • Become an Employer of Choice: An exceptional company culture helps you become a magnet for the best talent available in the marketplace. Studies have shown that increasing the quality of your hires is usually the fastest way to increase your organizational output.
  • Establish a Positive Organizational Atmosphere: With an inclusive and inspirational environment for your staff, you’ll spur more trust and innovation within your organization.
  • Improve Employee Morale and Engagement: When people work in an uplifting environment, they’re happier, more productive, and more invested in going the extra mile to help their employer achieve success.
  • Lower Attrition and Re-training Costs: Having the right leadership and organizational culture generally lead to increased retention of your best performers. With less attrition, you will experience better business continuity and fewer expenditures related to re-training.
inclineHR Culture Management Services

inclineHR has provided culture management services to many coveted organizations. We’ll partner with you to develop a strategy to retain what makes your organization special, while building a game plan to optimize any opportunity areas.

inclineHR’s culture management services can include:

  1. An Assessment of Your Organization’s Health: Our team will provide you with both qualitative and quantitative engagement and organizational health assessments. We will help you diagnose critical areas needing improvement.
  2. Culture Management Plan: We’ll help you build an unambiguous, goal and value-driven approach to drive clear accountability. Additionally, we will help you to think through best approaches to manage conflict, performance, and changes simultaneously.
  3. Executive Coaching and Leadership Assessment: We’ll work with your leadership team to ensure they have the training, knowledge, and communication skills they need to properly educate their staff on the organization’s values and critical goals.
  4. Executive Communications: We’ll train your leadership team on the art of executive story telling and influence, while educating them on the importance of communication connectedness.
  5. Team Coaching and Assessment: In addition to your executives, we’ll provide assessment and coaching services to ensure your team understands your organization’s values and culture.
  6. Talent Selection and Onboarding: We’ll give you the resources you need to identify and hire talented individuals who will fit with your organizational culture. We’ll also help you develop an onboarding process that will properly educate them on your values and reinforce your goals.
  7. Capacity Planning: We’ll work with you to improve your organizational culture through effective labor capacity planning. By accurately determining labor needs, you will understand where to invest in staff to improve morale, minimize burnout, and improve organizational output.
  8. Culture Management for Acquisitions and Joint Ventures: Our team will assess cultural nuances with due diligence planning before, during, and after acquisitions & joint ventures.
  9. Training: We offer tailored training sessions, including topics such as: assessing and building trust, energy management, and understanding the art of giving and receiving feedback.
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