Offer Negotiations

Have you ever wondered if you are being paid fairly, relative to your peers or to the market?

Top talented individuals should regularly invest time exploring industry trends to fully understand their value in an ever-changing marketplace. When the opportune time comes, they must have a plan in place to negotiate for compensation that matches their value and protects their interests.

inclineHR assists with prioritizing which facets of an offer are most important to you:

  • Title
  • Geographic Location
  • Salary
  • Bonuses
  • Long-Term Equity
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Other Fringe Benefits
inclineHR specializes in helping Fortune 500 career-minded professionals ensure that they are asking themselves and their employers the tough questions related to compensation, benefits, and terms & conditions of employment before accepting any offer.

  • What happens if you change jobs and then get laid off?  Can you pre-negotiate severance terms to protect yourself financially in the event of company closure, ownership changes, or downsizing?
  • How much bargaining power do you actually have?  Are your market assumptions directionally correct?  For example, if you are a niche player in a growing, high-margin industry, you may be more marketable to your employer than they are to you, which means you could command disproportionate market rewards.
  • Should you be thinking about your value on a regional or national basis?
  • When should you push for a sign-on bonus?
  • How much of my unvested stock should you be asking for at your new company?
  • How do you negotiate an internal offer while not coming across greedy, disloyal, or unappreciative?
Ultimately, inclineHR pressure tests our clients’ thinking to ensure that they are making the best strategic, risk-based decisions for themselves and their financial health.

We have helped many executives plan for bargaining negotiations to optimize their circumstances and ensure that they haven’t left any tangible value on the negotiations table…while ensuring that their relationships are kept fully intact.

Contact Us for Negotiations Strategy and Support

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