Getting to Know Your New Team

Learning everything you need to know as a new leader can take years.

With inclineHR’s New Leader Assimilation, we help you accelerate this step so that you can start achieving better communication and performance during your first months on the job.

Through this expertly facilitated session, your team has the opportunity to give unfiltered feedback and you are able to set mutual expectations early.

At the end of this session, you will be left with actionable insights and next steps to ensure that you are utilizing your team’s strengths and aligning with organizational goals!

Benefits of a New Leader Assimilation
  • Communicate More Effectively with Your Team: By investing time with your team up front, you have the opportunity to clarify how you and your team works best. By mutually understanding your goals and expectations, your team is able to communicate more effectively and lessen common stumbling blocks along your path to success.
  • Gain Clarity Around Organizational Challenges & Potential Pitfalls: If you want to increase your success rate and avoid potential pitfalls, it’s worth asking the people closest to the organization – your new team members – for advice. Their insights can help you avoid previous leaders’ mistakes and showcase your understanding of the company early on in your new role.
  • Set Shared Expectations Early to Achieve Better Performance: If you communicate with your team early on how you plan to achieve organizational goals, then they will be better equipped to meet those targets. Additionally, setting shared expectations about team challenges and needs will enable you to build trust with your team members and remove barriers for them along the way.
inclineHR New Leader Assimilation Process

With our tested approach, you are guaranteed a step-by-step process to assimilate your team to your leadership style, communication preferences, and performance expectations. Our facilitators will help lead the discussion to ensure engagement and unfiltered feedback from your team members. We will distill their feedback into actionable next steps so that you can clarify, secure commitment, and start achieving more – even faster.

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