inclineHR Personal Baseline and Leadership Assessment (iPBLA)

You are already playing at a level beyond where cookie-cutter coaching programs can take you.  And yet, you know you are capable of rising even higher.  Now we are truly in rarified air.

Because every client who comes to inclineHR is unique – and has unique opportunities – our coaching team offers development plans that are tailored to the individual.

Your goals are our goals.  Your success is our product.

Nothing is “one size fits all,” and yet, no inclineHR coaching process embarks without the critical iPBLA.

Your situation is unique.  Your coaching must be unique, too.  The plan and the process must dovetail perfectly with your current experience so that you can make the leap to your desired outcome.  If you are not courageously honest in completing your baseline assessment, your coach could have faulty assumptions and not be able to help you execute your well-thought-out development plan.

Please complete your baseline assessment as honestly as you can before your coach begins to prepare your coaching plan. 

Yes, some of the questions may feel slightly intrusive – especially if you’ve not fully bought into the process in the early stages.  But when your coach knows your life story and understands your inner workings, that knowledge accelerates the coaching process and helps you reach your goals more quickly.  The baseline assessment will probe for revelations that might not come up organically for months…but are vital to plotting your path to success.

There is no judgment with the iPBLA – just appreciation for your transparency. This confidential assessment helps us understand your fears, goals, and aspirations, in addition to any self-perceived strengths and opportunity areas. This knowledge helps us determine how best to coach you for the highest impact in our weekly coaching sessions.

How to Plan Your Next Career Step

Are you ready to embark on your journey to new heights? Let’s see if there is a mutual fit. Explore your next step by determining your confidential and complimentary inclineHR Talent Accelerator Quotient.