inclineHR Talent Assessment Services

Our proprietary assessment instruments provide executives and their teams with substantial insights and feedback.

We propel you to new heights through actively building a deep understanding of your background, values, aspirations, and overall mindset. We identify your team’s most critical development areas, unique strengths, and potential setbacks by listening to each and every voice.

There are no off-the-shelf approaches at inclineHR. The end goal is uniquely yours. Our plan is customized to you.

inclineHR Assessment Services pinpoint your current “location” to pick the most-efficient route to your stated goal. And just like a navigation system, periodic coaching check-ins and evaluations monitor your progress and recalculate course corrections until you reach your final destination.

Our team of HR experts utilize inclineHR proprietary assessment tools to ensure that you are equipped with an effective team and to determine the next logical step in your professional development journey.

Talent Accelerator Quotient (TAQ®)

inclineHR Personal Baseline Leadership (iPBLA)

inclineHR 360 Feedback (i360FA)

inclineHR Net Promoter Score (iNPS)

inclineHR Team Cohesion Assessment (iTCA)

Organizational Effectiveness

Talent Assessment and Selection
How Does Talent Assessment and Selection Work for the Employer?

A world-class talent assessment program accurately pinpoints and predicts current and future high potential talent. These assessments ensure that they have the right critical skills, abilities, and experiences needed to be successful in a given role. It will also judge candidates’ suitability, assessing whether they’re a good fit with the rest of the team and company culture.

Ongoing talent assessment should be done to identify exceptional individuals with potential to take on larger roles within the company, which helps streamline critical succession planning. Ensuring that this individual fits into the existing team and can influence their development is key to their collective success.

When assessing an individual’s level of potential, experts focus on three main categories: cognitive ability, social skills, and drive. Candidates need to demonstrate the right level of knowledge and ability required to perform the job, but that is only one small portion of the equation. High-potential candidates must also be skilled collaborators who are willing to go above and beyond to achieve success. A thorough understand of the team’s functioning can help facilitate the right development path so that these high-potential candidates raise the bar for every team member.

Multiple qualitative and quantitative talent assessment techniques are used to evaluate candidates, including review of work samples, general mental ability testing, behavioral testing, and structured behavioral interviews.

Benefits of Talent Assessment
  • Reduce Expenses: Finding, onboarding, and training new employees is an expensive proposition. By leveraging the right talent assessment tools, you will be significantly more confident that you are making the right selection decision every single time.
  • Identify the Right Candidates to Enhance Your Results: Studies show that high-performing individuals improve the performance of those around them by as much as 15%. This makes proper talent assessment critical for organizations that want to improve their output.
  • Understand Team Effectiveness: Listening to every team member’s voice is critical for determining its developmental areas and achieving collective success. This understanding of team effectiveness ensures that the team has the proper leadership and processes in place to raise the bar and continuously exceed expectations.
  • Reduce Staff Turnover: Replacing talent in key positions costs your organization time, money, and resources. By filling a vacancy with the right individual the first time, you establish stable teams faster.
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