About Us

Our vision at inclineHR is to turn outlandish career and corporate dreams into wildly astonishing achievement.

inclineHR is a national human resources consulting firm focused on people and leadership development. We build exceptional leaders and organizations through world class coaching, proprietary inclineHR Leadership Assessments, and customized leadership training venues.

In conjunction with the best Expert Affiliate Network in the industry, we have hundreds of years of Fortune 500 expertise in all facets of strategic human resources.

Bottom line: We can handle your needs, big or small.

Our affiliates stand out in the business world as being tried and true experts.

  • Senior HR Practitioners
  • CHROs
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Best-selling Authors
  • Renowned Influencers

We strive to become the benchmark in the U.S. coaching and assessment industry.

inclineHR is a firm of passionate change agents who get results. Our partners are extremely well-vetted and are only hired to work in targeted areas of their deep passion and expertise. This deep and real-world business expertise, along with our hand-tailored approach to matching the best available experts in the industry to our clients, have catapulted our exponential growth and transformed the impact that we are making nationally.

Our proven success at connecting with just about anyone has been, undoubtedly, integral to our success in transforming multiple organizations and developing some of the world’s best and brightest leaders.

We are exceptionally grateful that 99% of new inclineHR clients have been referred to us by our satisfied clients. We pride ourselves in the relationships that we have built and the trust that our clients have placed in us. That level of loyalty and trust is truly humbling.

We are delighted with the multitude of successes that our clients are achieving:

  • Executive and senior executive promotions
  • More personal fulfillment
  • Learning opportunities ensuring faster vertical mobility
  • Crème de la crème accolades, including President Club awards
  • Emboldened, clearer paths forward

Your incline – furthering your career – is what fuels our drive to exceed expectations and to build incredibly effective leaders and organizations.