How Do You Measure Organizational Effectiveness?

Organizational effectiveness is a systematic, strategic approach to improving and optimizing your business. It may include assessing employees within the organization, looking at ways to increase performance and efficiency, aligning employee behavior with company values, and conducting interventions to promote positive change.

Our HR professionals are passionate about providing best-in-class assessment and people development programs to leading organizations. We’ll work with you to help you tap into your team’s hidden potential to build a more profitable organization.

Here’s how we help you assess your organizational effectiveness:

  1. Comprehensive Review of Your Talent Pipeline: Our HR professionals will review your current team and help you identify employees who have strong potential for advancement. We’ll also assess your workforce to ensure your most talented employees are in your most critical roles.
  2. Organizational Health and Engagement Assessments: We’ll assess your organizational health and level of employee engagement, before offering ranked recommendations on areas of improvement.
  3. Capacity Modeling: Our team will help you determine the labor requirements of your organization, allowing you to understand where to invest in staff and improve your organizational output.
  4. Determine Future Competency Areas to Focus on: We’ll provide you with an in-depth analysis of how your current talent intersects with your goals and future growth prospects, allowing you to proactively identify new competencies required for your business to continue to grow.
  5. Executive Coaching Sessions: We’ll work with select team members to identify critical areas of opportunity. We’ll then partner with them on a personalized action plan to help them pull through amazing results.
  6. Identify High and Medium-Risk Critical Roles: We’ll review the roles within your organization and identify the positions that are most in need of succession planning.
  7. Training Sessions: We tailor leadership training to your team’s unique requirements, providing them with memorable, real-world training that is practical, fun, and relevant to their needs.
  8. Interventions: We’ll help you to plan, develop, and implement effective change strategies to create positive traction in your organization.
Consistently Evaluate and Adjust Your Development Programs

While there are usually a plethora of areas and topics to consider when assessing your organization, it’s best to pinpoint critical focus areas and forecast any desired outcomes to help you think through where to invest and how to maximize the impact of your investment in any development programs.

It is important for companies to think of HR development as an ongoing, incremental investment. Leadership training is rarely a “one and done” event as individuals and organizations continue to change.

With each training or development session, your company gets a few steps closer to building a leadership talent pool that is more equipped to take you into the future.  Additionally, it is critical that your leadership constantly measures and re-assesses any improvements or retractions so that you can continue to help your organization evolve.

Get the Assistance Your Organization Needs

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