Freedom from Want and Fear

Jul 4, 2022 | Financial Fitness, Mental Health

You’re likely enjoying, at least, a long holiday weekend, if not a full week of vacation, for Independence Day if you live in the States. As we remember the events of 1776 and enjoy rest and recreation in America, I encourage you to take advantage of what relaxation does to your mind and body.


Forbes claims Taking Vacation Time Could Save Your Life by…

  • Increasing mindfulness
  • Improving heart health
  • Reducing stress
  • Boosting brainpower
  • Allowing you to sleep better


Have you ever noticed how often your ‘aha’ moment comes while you’re in the shower, exercising, or on vacation? Between the upcoming fireworks and frankfurters, parades and apple pie, I challenge you to take advantage of your brain being at its most agile…and simply ponder.


Exactly How Free is Your Life?

1941 Poster: Roosevelt's Four FreedomsPresident Franklin D. Roosevelt, in a 1941 address to Congress, shared his vision of a nation founded on four basic freedoms; freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. The Bill of Rights provides protection of the first two freedoms in Roosevelt’s ideals. You have to put forth effort to secure the latter freedoms for yourself and your family.

It is only with financial security – freedom from want – that an individual can experience the true liberty of living, working, or traveling where they please. Adjunct to that freedom, it is only with true fair-market compensation that an individual can aspire to financial security with enough time and energy remaining each day to lead a balanced life.

How do I know? My days in HR with a Fortune 500 company compensated me very well but demanded four-hour daily commutes and 100-hour weeks. The stress was quite literally killing me, and while I had freedom from want, my family and I were not free from fear. Facing my own mortality for the first time, I exercised the freedom my executive comp provided and moved to East Tennessee in search of better work life balance.

It was during that life changing experience that inclineHR was born. Rosina and I decided to build a company around our family and to make our careers align better with our personal priorities. It was the right move for us.


Then the Pandemic Hit
Covid may have confronted you with stark realities. It’s heart wrenching to think of loved ones dying in an ICU bed with no family by their side. Hearing a doctor say you’re hours away from going on a ventilator if the treatment doesn’t work is sobering. If you have not felt threatened physically in the past two years, you may be one of 9.4 million Americans who lost a job in 2020. Conversely, you could be a CHRO who feels as though you’re fighting a losing battle to recruit and retain top talent.

Regardless of the individual circumstances, you, like everyone else around you, deserves to hit the pause button and re-evaluate. Do it this weekend!  I dare you! Life has shown us how quickly things change. If any of us knew that we didn’t have long to live, would we continue putting off living the life we want?

I hear this all the time as I coach executives, “I’m just going to work until I’m 65 (or 70 or pick any number).” Of course, no one can predict the future, but why work until a target age only to pass on after enjoying a mere 12 months of retirement?

One silver lining to this Coronavirus cloud is the ability to work remotely gives talented workers the freedom to choose where they live without having to change jobs.


We Chose Minnesota
Rosina and I are free to live in a locale that offers the quality of life we desire for our family. It’s the fruit of years spent laboring while life was out of balance. It’s the result of our own pondering while on vacation a while back.

We moved our family and company offices to Minneapolis in June of 2022. It’s a homecoming of sorts; I attended grad school at Minnesota. This strategic relocation also positions our company to continue the phenomenal growth we’ve experienced since our founding in 2016. A quick check of our home page reflects all the new doors that have opened for us.

Coming back to the Twin Cities puts me in the same market with many of my clientele who are predominately in the pharma and medtech sectors. I anticipate deepening connections with many of you at brunches, dinners, and holiday gatherings. Videoconferencing has been productive, but nothing beats frequent one-on-one interactions in the flesh.

For my clients outside of Minnesota, MSP Airport offers greater access to flights than I enjoyed in Knoxville. I will have more flexibility in travel to schedule face-to-face meetings with you, too.


We’re Finally Home
Will this be the last time we relocate? Who knows? But I can assure you of this: my sons are looking forward to living near the lake, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, biking, and four-wheeling. Rosina and I appreciate the “Minnesota nice” culture. Our new home has a country vibe conveniently 30 minutes away from an international airport.

Those are all good qualities, but honestly, I will be excited to be a regular again- eating “everything on a stick” and a bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies at the great Minnesota State Fair this fall.


So, what about you? Are you living in integrity when it comes to your passion and priorities? Sometime this holiday, when the endorphins are high and your stress is low, let your brain do some “blue sky” thinking. I hope you find clarity on your life plan and can visualize exactly where and how you want your life to play out. The coaches at inclineHR stand ready to guide you to a customized solution that turns your vision into reality.
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