We are Executive Coaches:

inclineHR LLC, is a Knoxville, TN based executive coaching firm focused on helping you make the most of your career, personal brand, and team.  We exist to help you do better and reach higher.  Regardless of location, company size, occupation, employment status, or tenure, we can help.


Human Resource Development Options:

​1-1 customized coaching sessions, preparations, and planning focused on helping professionals overcome significant career obstacles.

For example: Starting a job search for individuals returning from an extended hiatus from work (paternity/maternity/medical leaves); Putting together a work/life effectiveness plan; Preparing to accept or deliver a difficult conversation; Determining next steps after the initiation of a Performance Improvement Plan;  Building momentum in your current role with hopes of getting promoted; Dealing with a demotion and showing up differently; Changing your occupation; Going back to school; Retiring and beginning a second career; Asking your current employer for a salary adjustment; Dealing with a difficult co-worker, manager, or human resources department; Discussing the pros/cons of staying with your employer versus accepting a competing offer, etc.

Re-defining personal brands, presence, and how we communicate online and in the workplace.

For example: Explore potential reasons why someone has stalled in their career;  Review and make suggestions to tweak online presence (social media, LinkedIn Profiles, etc.); Deliver comprehensive CV/resume builds that will grab the attention of hiring managers; Draft "power" communications for critical meetings as well as proofread key messages for greatest impact; aid in the preparation of complex meetings, including mock interviews.

Building synergistic, communicative, and energized teams through active sharing and group facilitation.

For example: Host new manager assimilations to ensure leaders and teams have clear expectations of each other; Assemble comprehensive 360 feedback from multiple respondents and devise action plan; Provide executive assessments for companies and individuals to ensure readiness for executive promotion and other human resource planning initiatives.  Other human resource development including coaching leaders on key topics from stress management to inspirational leadership.